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Arkansas Alley Seller Information

How much does this cost and what's included?

Commission - 10% of sales + 3% credit card processing fee

  • Limited to 25 Products (no additional fee per item)

  • Private Seller Community Facebook Group

  • Access to Instagram Engagement Group

  • How-To Video Tutorials

  • Private Customer Service and Seller Support Calls Open 7:00am-7:00pm

  • Featured Product and Seller Posts throughout the year

  • First Right of Refusal for Arkansas Alley Shopping Event Booth 

  • Arkansas Alley Marketing and Advertising Gameplan including: 

    • Weekly Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest Product Ads Targeted to our      Leading Demographics

    • Arkansas Blogger Ads and Cross-Promoting

    • Private Instagram Engagement Group

    • Area Magazines/Publications

    • Existing Arkie Travels Audience

    • Podcast

    • Future Radio/TV

    • Future State-Wide Magazine Ads


Why does it cost more to be on Arkansas Alley than Etsy or Amazon?


There are many great things about both Etsy and Amazon, but it's also easy to get lost in the crowd there.  We are building a community that is extremely supportive of each other and that we're proud to show off!  We actively promote ALL of our sellers through social media and you will not get lost in the shuffle here.

How do I make up that cost?

Our other sellers have made up the commission cost by increasing the prices of their products to cover it.  That way you're still able to be part of Arkansas Alley, but you're not losing any money!

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We want to support you...not hinder you with a financial burden.  There are no minimums and nothing is deducted until after the sale, so there are no out of pocket costs. 


Decide if this is right for you and your business and then fill out the application below.  We're always here to answer your questions, so feel free to email us at

Arkansas Alley Vendor Application Form

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