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Vendor FAQ's

1. Is this a marketplace style site in which we would receive orders directly and ship them ourselves?

Yes this is a marketplace site. You'll get your own login to a back office where you handle your products and orders, as well as fulfillment.

2. Is commission taken at the time of orders?

Yes, if you choose the Commission option, it will be taken out of each order along with the 3% Credit Card Processing Fee. 


3. How often are sellers paid?

Sellers are paid weekly on Friday's for the previous Thursday-Wednesday. It takes 48 hours for us to receive payment from Shopify, so that's why its set up that way.

4. How does shipping work?

This is one of our favorite parts about Arkansas Alley!  We've partnered with Shipstation to handle all of your shipping costs, so all you have to do is print the label, slap it on your package and drop it off at the post office!!

5. What happens if I don't have any sales one month?

There's no threshold or minimum to meet and no out of pocket cost.  We're trying to do everything we can to benefit you and your business...this way, if you have slower months, you won't be stressing. 

6. When and how often can I updated or make changes to my products?

You can update your products at anytime! You also have the option to enter an inventory amount that counts down with each order, so when something sells out, it's not able to be purchased. 

We also have vendors doing pre-orders, so that option is there too! 

7. Is one product just one product or could it be one product with color/fabric choices?

One product is one type of product, so if you're doing masks, tees, hats, etc, you can add multiple colors/patterns/sizes and it will still count as one product in your Tier plan.

8. How does sales tax work?

We handle the collection and submission of sales tax by county and for the state of Arkansas for all sales on Arkansas Alley.

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