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Thousands agree...the Arkansas State Parks Challenge Map is a HIT!!!

We have customers from all over the state asking us where they can get our State Parks Challenge Scratch-Off Maps in person and not have to pay shipping. These maps will fly off your shelves and are a fantastic addition to offer a unique gift idea for your customers.  We also offer quantity discounts and include every store that carries them on our website for customers to know where to find them in their area.

Our 12x12in scratch-off maps are printed on cardstock and look great hanging on the wall or fit perfectly in a record frame.

The Challenge:
Visit all 52 Arkansas State Parks and scratch off the printed trees for each park on the map! When your map is complete, just send us a pic at and we'll send you a prize pack!


Quantity Discounts:
(Suggested Price - $16.97)

24 units - 40% off

$10.20 per unit

48 units - 45% off

$9.38 per unit

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